Experiential Tech:


24 NOVEMBER 2022 @ HubHub London, EC4A 4AB

FutureHack is an annual gathering of senior marketing professionals exploring game-changing innovations in audience engagement. We’ll explore new tech that’s totally happening. And expose new tech that’s just hype.

Why Join Us?

FutureHack will develop and nurture your expertise in audience engagement. Together with our industry experts, you’ll explore and evaluate the latest and most useful technologies aimed at live events and experiences. Technologies that could lift your event from an “also ran”, to one that’s the envy of your competitors. Together, you can decide what’s in, and what’s out.

Experience the Experience Your Clients Want

We believe that technology should be the unsung hero of the show. There to be experienced but not showcased. Seamless, immersive, unobtrusive. In other words, proven, functional, and valuable tech that enhances, but doesn’t dominate, the delegate experience.
From concept to attendee selection, through pre-event content and engagement, to design to production and, of course, a continued post-event post-dialogue, we’ll show you technology that truly delivers on its promise:

For now
The best tech products available and proven right now

For tomorrow
New tech that’s on its way and worth the hype

For beyond
Clever ideas in the making that could be the tech staples of the future

Topics Include


Understanding virtual worlds. The metaverse – 3D engines – XR – Web3 and AI


How an immersive experience is a more connected experience. XR as a focused, distraction-free engagement


Data @ the heart of connected and more engaged communities. Data lies at the heart of truly understanding an audience


How tech drives truly sustainable event production. Genuine CSR and environmental action

Speakers Include


Amelia Kallman
The leading London tech futurist, speaker & author that forecasts global trends and behaviours.


Matthew Falla
Founding Partner at Parallel – an innovation consultancy helping product leaders develop original propositions based on simulations and synthetic environments


Neil Clark
Planet officer who's raising awareness of, and addressing, the impact the digital industry has on the planet. 


Igal Nassima
Founder of SUPERBRIGHT - Immersive design studio innovating products that connect the digital with the physical for extended realities and web3.


Julian Boram
Julian is a leading advisor and industry speaker across Finance, Education, Accounting, Aerospace, and other sectors.


Neil Evely
A leader in immersive tech and product development and founder of SUPERBRIGHTS London studio.


Adam Parry
Editor at Event Industry News & avid technologist, with a passion for latest tech trends in events.

Exhibitors Include



Content First VR colaboration

Superbright are an experiential design studio with Art and technology at its core. Focused on creating breakthrough immersive collaboration through spatial XR technologies that combine the presence of the physical within the realm of digital. Constantly creating new and exciting spaces that evolve muti-participant co-lab experiences.



The Digital you for the Metaverse!

Lumithithmic are pioneering using COTS to democratise the creation of bespoke 3D avatar captures. By automating complex manual captures processes through Algorithmic machine learning models their technology enables high-end facial scans for the full realisation of the digital you. Be it the metaverse, bespoke corporate communication platforms or Web3 brand worlds of entertainment a digital you is available to everyone.



Dynamic real-world interactive Holographic illusions

HyperVSN creates dynamic scalable interactive 3D holographic imagery by turning spinning individual addressable LEDs into complex and elaborate fully realised Holographic animations and motion graphics. Brands, Iconographic logos, and product examples. The unique scalable nature of HyperVSN means all animations, logos brands and, stories told within their system can be small and engaging to all-encompassing taking up entire walls.



Track the difference your donation makes through Web3  

Betterverse are a Web 3 Start-up that is revolutionising the Charity landscape. Utilising the backbone of the blockchain and metaverse, Betterverse is adding a layer of contextualisation to virtual world and a showing the real difference contribution make. By using the system to donate user can see the impact and journey the contribution has made and to who, giving a clear historical picture of the good you do.



Layering Data, enabling understanding at the metadata level

Parallel's purpose is to innovate and act as a consultancy combining strategy, design, data science, and engineering context into visually powerful dashboards and software to help understand and apply the insight in powerful new and creative ways. Data is the Gold of today's technology landscape, creating Qualitative and Quantitative insights to empower.



Art anywhere, automatically. disappearing without a trace

Scribit creates beautiful intricate and complex imagery on almost any surface from almost any image reference, working in an automated way the write-and-erase robot lets you take bespoke designs and turn a surface into a living artwork that transforms any space. Completely non-destructive, disappearing with just a rub and leaving no trace.



Your mind and machine acting in unison

Myndplay is at its heart a company that is linking machines to people, through the power of the mind. MBI’s are a new frontier in interaction and enables many powerful use-cases. MyndPlay has created compelling hardware that bridges the mind to interactive and engaging consumer-oriented content users can control through thought alone. With everyone's brain waves being unique, many compelling use cases like security, identification, personalisation and unique brand loyalty start to be less science fiction and more reality here today.


Microsoft HoloLens

Science-fiction today. Holograms are real.

Mixed reality melds the world of VR and the world of AR together to create a system that understands the world it exists in, virtual or real. The original HoloLens broke new ground in contextual understanding of a user's environment and MR headsets like the HoloLens created by Microsoft have huge implications across all Enterprise level companies including manufacturing, engineering, construction, healthcare, education & more.